Tourna Pickleball Ballport Mini

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The Pickleball Ballport Mini is a handy tool that both stores pickleballs when they’re not in use and picks them up from the ground. This alleviates that always-annoying task of bending over and picking up each ball one by one. This device contains two specially-ordered rods which bend to allow pickleballs to enter, but they can’t fall back out on their own. To use this feature, simply place the tool on top of a loose ball, apply a bit of pressure and the ball will simply pop inside. After you finish picking up the balls, the handles swing down, lock in place and become legs to stand.

This Pickleball Ballport Mini is created from extremely durable polypropylene plastic. This material will never rust, break or have peeling paint. Altered for pickleball use, the tool will surely stand the test of time. Twenty-two (22) pickleballs comfortably fit inside of the basket portion, which is 9” wide, 7” deep and 12” high. When standing proud and tall, the device reaches 29” high.

The Pickleball Ballport Mini will save both your time and your back- win/win!