Tourna Padel Mega Tac Overgrips 3 Pack

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TOURNA MEGA TAC is the tackiest tennis grip ever created. Period. No other grip comes close to delivering the same feel.
  • TACK THAT LASTS. Mega Tac lasts 10 times as long as other tacky grips. Most other tacky grips lose their tack in about 30 minutes of play. Mega Tac lasts about 10 to 14 hours under normal playing conditions.
  • Padel Mega Tac is made specifically for Padel.
  • Durable construction, Mega Tac will last a long time without falling apart, rolling up, or unraveling.
  • Includes 3 overgrips per package and finishing tape.
  • Size: 2.23cm x 98cm