Taco Taxi Black Taco Holder

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Enhance your dining experience with this Taco Taxi black taco holder! The unique curved, zig-zag design holds the taco shells in an upright position and reduces the risk of them falling over. Not only does this taco holder make for a great presentation, but it also makes it easier to add a variety of savory fillings. Chefs can put the meal together quickly and efficiently, while guests can enjoy their tacos at their own pace and even set them down to rest in between bites. Additionally, it features handles to make picking it up and placing it down easier.

Switch between holding 2 or 3 tacos by simply flipping the holder upside down. The versatile black structure is perfect for creating multiple portion sizes and customizing to meet your needs. The durable melamine construction looks great and will last in your establishment. It is also able to safely hold food up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.