Prolite Axus XR1 Pickleball Paddle

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Axus, a new brand made by PROLITE, is focused on increasing availability of affordably priced paddles ensuring all new players can grab a high-quality, performance paddle, and experience the game the right way. Lightweight and powerful - with an average weight of just 7.6Oz., This weapon will allow its owner super fast wrist action and maneuverability at the kitchen line power and touch - excellent striking power and ball control generated from the graphite surface will command respect from opponents from both the hard and soft games stout face - a sparsely textured face helps place the ball where your opponent is not. Paddle Specs Core: 10 mm Polypropylene Honeycomb Facing: Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate Length: 15-1/2″ Width: 7 3/4″ Weight: 7.6oz. Weight Distribution: Evenly balanced Standard Grip: Axus Tackified Ribbed Grip Grip Circumference: 4″ Length: 5″ Edge Guard: Axus Red Octagonal end cap Noise Approved Pickleball Communities Meets USA Pickleball specifications