Hesacore Pickleball Woman Tour Grip X Small

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Hesacore Tour Grip. Enjoy Pickleball in comfort.

When position and timing become everything, Hesacore becomes perfect for your performance. As in Pickleball, the sport that brings a different conception of the game with the ball.
The much smaller spaces make Pickleball a sport of position and resistance, power and touch, explosiveness and sensitivity.
Hesacore fits perfectly with the Pickleball style of play thanks to its design capable of giving sensations never tried before: the series of concave hexagons on the surface are ergonomically designed to let the bones of the hand sit naturally.
This allows having a greater friction surface without having to tighten the handle too much throughout the match, with a significant reduction in vibrations during impact with the ball and, therefore, fewer injuries to the arm.

Hesacore Woman grip is a new version of the Hesacore Tour Grip with a design and size adapted to women's hand, which can be used on any paddle. Hesacore grip offers the perfect balance between comfort and efficiency for club players. It's been designed to absorb sweat, vibrations and to offer  a greater friction surface on the grip.

Who would have guessed that a honeycomb would prove to be the perfect ergonomic fit for the hand to naturally rest on? Not only that, but the concave hexagons provide a larger friction surface, which reduces the need to tighten the grip and minimizes vibrations from impacts, both traditional causes of injuries.

Materials: Silicon

Length: 5 1/4 inches
Weight: 0.53 ounces