Jumpin Jack's Magic Powder Spice Blends

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Bring the Magic to your next dish with our Jumpin Jack's Spice Blends! All natural no preservative spice blends with only the freshest ingredients.
Whether you're a crockpot queen or a grilling king, two kinds of pepper make Black Magic Powder a full-flavored perfect all around steak house blend.
Boot scoot right to the grill for the bold flavors of our Cowboy Magic Powder. Chili powder, cumin and coffee make this spice an obvious choice to wake-up your meats.
Jack has tamed the beast and our Dragon Magic Powder is on Fire! Red and Green jalapeños light up this spice blend and bring the heat to all your meat and veggie dishes!
Everything will be irie with our exotic Jamaican Magic Powder. This robust spice blend features allspice, cinnamon, thyme and parsley giving your dishes an island flavor only rivaled in the Caribbean.
As a self-titled prime grill-master, my husband got tired of dragging all the spices out of the cabinet and asked me to create just one blend he could take with him. This was the birth of Jumpin' Jack's Dragon Magic Powder. An instant hit with friends and family, this tasty spice blend is named for our pet goat, Jack, who attitude is just as twisted and spicy and an inspiration to our Jumpin' Jack's line of products. Our spices make an exceptional addition to events, fundraising, corporate and thank-you gifts.
This is a woman and veteran owned company in Oklahoma.