F2 Sports Sporty Blue Pickleball Paddle

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The F2 Sports Sporty Blue Imperium pickleball paddle is a beautifully designed, mid-weight paddle (7.6-8.0 oz) made with the most popular and premium materials to up your game. The coloring looks even more beautiful in person!
Graphite Surface:   The pickleball paddle surface is made of graphite, making this paddle light and powerful, a true asset to your game. Graphite paddles are very strong without being heavy and offer both control, power, and a large sweet spot to get the ball where you need it to go. Graphite pickleball paddles also help prevent wrist strain as they are a lighter alternative to composite pickleball paddles.
Polymer Core:  Our strong yet flexible Polymer Core offers extra control and more durability for a longer-lasting product.


• Made in China
• Weight: 10.9 oz (308.4 g)