Daily Concepts - Daily Sisal Body Brush

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The Daily Sisal Body Brush is your perfect pal to pack a punch in your daily cleansing routine. The Daily Sisal Body Brush is a rigorous textured cleansing tool for deep exfoliation with a dual effect of dry brushing and wet cleansing made from natural fibers. The handle allows for extended use to get to any hard to reach areas on the body. Directions: Use the Daily Sisal Body Brush before and during the shower. Before the shower use on dry skin to dry brush and exfoliate skin. During the shower apply wet on the body paired with your favorite cleanser for a deep clean. Care: Rinse well with water after each use during the shower and hang to dry with the attached string. If only used before the shower to dry brush, keep dry and simply hang the Daily Sisal Body Brush with the attached string after use. PRO TIP: When using swipe the Daily Sisal Body Brush in long strokes for best results. Rigorous texture for deep exfoliation Made from natural fibers Wet and dry dual usage